Beast Battle Simulator 2017

Pit animals, humans, and dinosaurs against each other in sandbox games such as soccer

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Beast Battle Simulator gives you the opportunity to test out ludicrous death matches between real and imaginary animals and prove once and for all who would emerge the victor. The increased accessibility of game design through the growth of simplified engines like Unity and the ability for small time developers to reach markets they never could throw the rise of platforms like Steam means that the market is no longer dominated solely by billion dollar studios with massive and experienced development teams. That means that strange and esoteric games that would have once seemed impossible to ever see the light of day are now available to everyone. Beast Battle Simulator stands as one of the most avant-garde new indie games around: a fully 3D simulator that allows users to test out wild melees and see how their animals stack up.

In reality, Beast Battle Simulator is less a game and more a fun little tool. The mechanics are simple. You use the simple toggles and interface to create two separate armies and set them against each other. It's obviously scientifically unsound, and there's virtually no basis in the logic behind it, and the developers understand that. That's why they've gone all out on helping facilitate the most absurd possibilities their players can imagine. A whole range of natural animals are available, running the gamut from weiner dogs to giraffes to gorillas, but there's plenty more improbable options as well. Fictional and long extinct animals like yeti and tyrannosaurus rexes are on the menu, and you can further customize your animals to give one team an advantage they otherwise might not have. Humans are also available for you, and you can outfit your teams with any number of weapons. Kittens alone might not be able to stand their own against hippos, but load them down with miniguns, and suddenly you're operating in a whole different arena.

The ridiculous simulations are primitive, but that's probably to the game's advantage. This allows for massive pitched battles, and it prevents the actual outcome of these engagements from becoming too bloody. While the core experience is essentially a sandbox, there are also a few additional modes added to help round things out. A large selection of challenges lend a puzzle element to the experience, and both a soccer mode and a horde-style survival mode are also included in the base package. The main draw is watching the melee unfold, and you can see the outcome play out with no human intervention, but you can also take control of any of the animals and change the tide of the battle with limited movement and combat options. The game's functions are likely to wear out quick, but they're a fun diversion when you're looking to waste an hour or show off the novelty to your friends.


  • A ridiculous premise taken to its natural conclusion
  • Plenty of weapons and animals to choose from


  • Unlikely to hold your attention for extended periods of time

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